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I'm no stranger to chat lines, I have done my fair share of time talking on them, meeting women - dating. It's all fun. But when I heard about this new chat line that is total free, no strings attached, I just about fell off my chair. For years I had been successfully using chat lines as a great way of meeting women, but spent tons of money on doing so. Now, I can do the exact same thing - but free!

And the quality is exactly the same, if not better. I've been meeting more women on the free service than the pay one. Maybe the price brings in more people so you have more to choose from? Who knows - but it works. I have been having an absolute blast on these chat services and I cant talk the night away without having to worry about credits or fees or how many minutes I have left, I can just enjoy the whole experience.

So give it a try, I put a small banner on the top of this article, give the chat number a call and see what you think. Its well worth the time - I should know, I have dates set up for almost every night of this week! Wow!

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Brian Stanson writes dating and relationship articles on a variety of dating sites across the web. He has provided relationship advice to countless couples and has writen dozens of chat and dating related articles.

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